Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition

Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition

Partition manager, deleted file recovery, boot sector repair tool
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With a clear module-based interface and wizard-driven recovery tools, Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition offers you a set of free utilities that will allow you not only to recover lost of deleted files, but also to create bootable media, recover your Windows password, clone disks and partitions, and even edit and recover your Registry. And unlike many free recovery tools, this one does work.

Though probably not the most elegant and attractive of interfaces, the program’s initial menu and all the subsequent windows that open with the various tasks are simple enough to help you carry out all the processes in a clear and stress-free manner. The program is divided into five main modules – Burn CD/USB disk, Windows Recovery, Data Recovery, Disk Image & Clone, and Password Recovery. Some of these modules open a wizard that will guide you through the various steps required to complete the task in hand successfully, while others open up new possibilities and tools. The Recovery Suite Media Builder, the Data Recovery, and the disk and partition clone tools are examples of wizard-driven processes, thus making these sensitive operations suitable for all potential users.

The Data Recovery Wizard offers you two scan processes. The Fast Scan will search for deleted files, while the Deep Scan will first attempt to recover any lost or deleted partition, and then the files and folders stored in it. Together with these scan options, you will find an Undelete tool to retrieve any recently deleted files, and an Unformat option to recover data stored on a partition that has been accidentally formatted. Before recovering your lost data, you can preview the recoverable files, filter the results, and define where you want the program to store the retrieved files and folders.

The list of “extra tools” that the program offers to its users is impressive. You will find backup utilities to back up and restore images of full partitions, to clone disks and partitions, to browse an image file, to check disks and to initialize them using a MBR or a GPT partition scheme, VHD tools to manage your Virtual Hard Drives, and others that I’ll leave for you to discover.

Lazesoft Recovery Suite offers also a Professional, a Server, and an Unlimited edition with extra support for Windows Server versions and a couple of extra features that will make businesses and technicians happy. However, if you don’t intend to make a commercial use of this tool, I recommend you this Home Edition – it is completely free, it includes most of the features present in the paid editions, and – what is more important – all of them work properly.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows you to create recovery media.
  • Wizard-based recovery tasks.
  • Support for all types of disks and file systems.
  • Includes a tool to reset your Windows password.
  • Clones disks and partitions.
  • VHD tools.


  • No drawbacks found during the review.
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